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iPhone x Hard OLED VS LCD: The guide for Screen replacement


When the iPhone X screen is broken, people usually choose to replace the mobile phone screen. At present, the market mainly has four products: the original OLED screen, Hard OLED, Soft OLED, and LCD. Due to the surprisingly high maintenance costs of original OLED, LCD screens and OLED screens have become the best choice.


What is OLED screen


OLED displays are expensive and complicated. The most important part is the organic film, sandwiched between two electrodes, and wrapped in many other protective components. Any external factors, such as oxygen or moisture, can destroy them. Reusing or refurbishing a broken OLED screen is almost impossible. This is one of the reasons for the small number of global OLED manufacturers.


What is the LCD screen

LCD accounts for more than 90% of displays sold today but they are made with glass meaning that thickness and robustness are also limited. A liquid crystal display (LCD) works by placing a polarizer and a filter in front of the backlight to control the white light emitted.

Why choose Hard OLED?


contrast ratio


OLED displays do not use the backlight. Each pixel produces light independently. The brightness is controlled by the pixels themselves This means that white is brighter and black is darker. The image has high brightness and a brighter color.



The design and manufacturing process of OLED can make it thinner, which can make the mobile phone thinner or a mobile phone with a higher capacity battery inside.


Lower consumption

Black pixels in OLED screens do not use power at all, and dark colors consume less power. OLED reduces power consumption in this way.


Higher sensitivity


Drop Test

Hard OLED uses the latest drop-resistant panel, which is not damaged when dropped from a height of fewer than 1.2 meters.

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