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ZY-Ⅲ iPhone X Hard OLED, make it is possible of 1.2m drop test


In 2018, Hard OLED began to enter the iPhone X aftermarket. With the advancement of manufacturing processes and production materials, ZY has iteratively updated the technology of two generations of Hard OLED. Recently, it successfully developed the third generation of Hard OLED, which overcomes the fragility, Deformation caused by impact, etc., and also has advantages such as anti-aging, low price, and system stability. Compared with Soft OLED, Hard OLED is a good choice.

Traditional Hard OLED Manufacturing Process

Glass is the material of choice for display components. The manufacturing process is very mature and all parameter is easy to control. Hard OLED is also manufactured using glass substrates. Despite its advantages, glass is more fragile and breaks easily. Impact and deformation can cause the component to crack. Therefore, care must be taken when installing parts to avoid malfunctions caused by improper installation.

ZY-Ⅲ Hard OLED Manufacturing Process

Different from the traditional Hard OLED, the glass panel of ZY-Ⅲ Hard OLED is processed to prevent cracking. The drop test has been successful at a height of less than 1.2m.

ZY Hard OLED was loved and supported by iPhone X users when it was launched. ZY Hard OLED has a lower price compared to the original OLED. Hard OLED has a longer service life than Soft OLED. ZY iPhone X Hard OLED becomes one of the preferred brands for iPhone X screen replacement.

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