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Dose iPhone 11 LCD Screen Replacement assembly have The In-cell Technology?

Since Apple released the iPhone 11 in September 2019,Apple repair parts market shows original screen and refurbished screen for iPhone 11. However, there is no IN-CELL LCD display for iPhone 11. The TP of the iPhone 11 LCD screen uses an external production process and cannot be combined with the in-cell LCD production process.


1. The TP of iPhone 11 can't be cracked at present

What is TP? The iPhone screen is mainly composed of three parts, the front glass, the touch panel (TP) and the display module. The touch panel is called TP in the industry.As of January 2019, the TP of the iPhone 11 has not been cracked, and the TP in Apple's aftermarket is original TP.


2. The iPhone 11 repair accessories market only has the refurbished screen and original screen

In the Apple aftermarket, there are four iPhone screens to replace: assembled screens, TP screens, refurbished screen, and original screens.

Assembly screen: OEM LCD screen 

TP screen: The display module is the same as the original, and the front screen glass and touch panel (TP) are replaced.

refurbished screen: The display module and TP are the same as the original screen, and the front screen glass is changed.

Original screen: Apple Official authorization screen 

The iPhone 11 LCD screen has two options: the original screen and the refurbished screen.


3. The original process of iPhone 11 LCD screen is plug-in TP

Plug-in TP refers to adding IC to TP for picture processing


4.iPhone 11 LCD screen cannot be replaced with IN-CELL LCD screen

The iPhone 11 LCD screen is equipped with an IC on the TP, which does not match the IN-CELL screen technology, so there is no IN-CELL LCD screen in the iPhone 11 repair parts.


iPhone 11 LCD screen replacement is recommended to use the refurbished, the same as the original effect, the price is more favorable than the original screen. ZY iPhone 11 COF LCD screen brightness 5.75cd / ㎡ (original 5.77cd / ㎡), thickness 8.28mm (original 8.26mm), 3D touch effect is the same as the original, the products are exported to the United States, the Middle East, Europe, India, Brazil, Russia and Japan.

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