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iPhone Xs MAX In-Cell LCD Screen Quality level



iPhone Xs MAX screens have many different types of display screens in the market, The iPhone Xs MAX OLED screen is more expensive than an LCD screen, so smartphone repair parts suppliers have to developed In-Cell LCDs that are compatible with the iPhone Xs MAX. In-Cell LCD is widely used in iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X and iPhone XR.


Since the Apple aftermarket LCD screen industry does not have a standardized quality system, each supplier has its own quality inspection system. It is very complicated to distinguish the in-cell LCD products of the two suppliers. The ZY In-Cell LCD independently developed and manufactured by Heng Wei Ye is used in the after-sales screen market of mid-to-high-end mobile phones, providing global customers with high-quality, low-price and high-quality after-sales products.

in-cell LCD quality inspection


The iPhone 5 and iPhone 7 both use in-cell LCD screen manufacturing processes, which reduces the one-touch layer, which can make the phone thinner and more realistic color display. In-cell LCD means that the touch panel function is embedded in the liquid crystal pixels, and the touch sensitivity can be improved. Under sunlight or strong light, the visibility effect is better than other LCD screens.




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