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TDDI manufacturing process for iPhone replacement screen


Early mobile phone screens separated the touch and display driver integration, which would cause display noise and reduce user experience. The TDDI solution was first proposed in March 2015 and is used in cell phones and Tablet PC. The technical feature of TDDI is to integrate the touch chip and display chip into one chip, so as to realize the integration of touch and display driver.


What is TDDI?

The core of TDDI's technology is the integrated touch and display driver chip, which is the TDDI IC. The collection of Touch And Display Driver IntegraTIon (TDDI) is the earliest marketing term from SynapTIcs. It mainly refers to the combination of the touch chip responsible for touch screen sensing and the driver chip responsible for the LCD screen display. Integrated into a single chip.

TDDI advantages?

1. Improve the performance of capacitive touch, improve the screen sensitivity and reduce display noise.

2. Increase the screen brightness, reduce the number of display layers, increase the light transmittance, and increase the maximum brightness of the screen.

3. Thinner, simplifying the number of layers of screen design, meeting the trend of thin mobile phone design.

4. Reduce production costs, reduce the number of screen components, Increase production and reduce production costs.

5. Simplify the supply chain, get touch and display products directly from manufacturers, and simplify the supply chain for device manufacturers.

6. Make the battery life longer. Under the same brightness of TDDI screen and ordinary screen, the battery life of TDDI screen is longer.

iPhone 7 in-cell LCD screen

TDDI for iPhone replacement screen

Since Apple introduced On-Cell AMOLED in 2017, it has reduced the demand for In-Cell LCD screens. The TDDI chip suppliers continue to expand capacity, and the manufacturing cost of In-cell LCD screens gradually approaches the cost of Out-Cell. The TDDI with In-Cell screens have good display effects and reduced production costs, and they are more and more widely used in the Apple aftermarket screen.TDDI with In-Cell is applicable to iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X series. At present, only the iPhone 11 replacement screen has no In-Cell product series. ZY In-cell LCD replacement screen uses the original IC and 1: 1 structure and the display effect is close to the user experience of the original screen.

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