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Little Known Reason About iPhone In-cell LCD Screen With Electroplated Blue Circle


The ZY 4.7-inch In-cell LCD screen for iPhone has the same electroplated blue circle as the original, and the mobile phone after changing the screen will not reduce the picture shooting effect. The original iPhone mobile phone front lens has a coating production process, and the main function of the coating is to prevent dispersion and chromatic aberration and maximize the light to pass through the lens without being reflected. What role does the electroplated blue circle play in the mobile phone camera?


Reduce light reflection

When the light passes through the camera lens, about 4% -10% of the light will be reflected by the lens. The camera lens of a smartphone has about 5 layers of lenses, and only 59% of the light reaching the sensor is reached. The coating process can maximize the light passing through the lens without being reflected.


Increase light transmittance

The scientific name of the coating of the camera is called "anti-reflection coating". The coating can greatly increase the transmittance of a certain spectrum.


Improve the spotlight effect

After the camera is coated, it can prevent dispersion and chromatic aberration, and achieve the effect of focusing.


Improve imaging

The light reflected inside the lens will be repeatedly reflected inside the lens, and eventually will form glare or ghost images on the sensor.


Appearance is the same as the original

The blue-plated iPhone In-cell LCD replacement screen has the same appearance as the original LCD display screen.


Blue coating process

When the thickness of the coating is 1/4 of the red wavelength, the reflection of the coating is blue, but the coating itself is colorless, so the color transmitted through the coating will not be greatly affected. The lenses currently coated with a single-layer AR coating are usually blue-purple or red.


When you look at the iPhone carefully, you will find that the lens coating of the iPhone is blue, while other Android phones are mostly green and red. What does this mean? Is the lens used by the iPhone a higher quality? From the actual user experience, the comprehensive imaging quality of the iPhone in fully automatic mode is indeed the best among mobile phones. Apart from the impact of imaging algorithms, the lens coating of different processes will also affect the camera function. ZY In cell repair and replacement screen manufacturing process strive to achieve the quality and user experience of the original screen. The user does not want to replace the new phone immediately after replacing the ZY phone screen.

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