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ZY X Hard OLED Assembly Anti-counterfeiting Identification Instructions


Dear customers and friends, I am glad that you can purchase and use the ZY X hard OLED assembly! In view of the fact that some unscrupulous businesses in the market currently use In-Cell LCD and other brands of OLED in ZY boxes to serve as ZY X hard OLED assemblies for shipment. Brings extremely bad influence to ZY X hard OLED!

Hereby we analyze the difference between the ZY X hard OLED assembly and the fake ZY X series assembly So that customers and friends are buying Identify the screen at all times to avoid being fooled.


1. It can be easily identified from the appearance of the cable:

1) ZY hard OLED assembly FPC has silkscreen printed "ZY" characters, In-Cell assembly and other brands of OLED have no printed characters. As shown below


2) ZY X hard OLED assembly FPC has characters such as silk screen printing "ZY580", and other brands of assembly FPC have no printed characters. As shown below


2, the backlight shines

ZY Hard X uses OLED self-luminous material. In-cell LCD has a backlight, and it emits light by the backlight. There is an essential difference between the two.


In-cell LCD backlight white border and white dot

3, display effect

OLED display effect comparison

Figure 1 Comparison of ZY X hard OLED assembly, OLED of other brands, and In-cell LCD.


ZY X hard OLED assembly, other brands OLED, original X comparison.

1) Brightness contrast;


2) Color contrast;


4. The design structure of the back of the assembly is different

Difference between ZY X OLED back structure and other brands

1) The structure size of FPC is different;

2) The appearance of 3D Touch IC is different;

3) COF process is different, ZY uses the same COF process as the original;



Each product of the ZY X hard OLED assembly has an anti-counterfeiting mark to prevent bad businesses from sub-charging them. If a customer finds a product posing as a ZY X hard OLED assembly, please return it to your supplier. We will reserve the right to pursue the law!

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