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What is the difference between the LCD of iPhone 8 and iPhone SE2020?


As we all know, the iPhone SE2020 and iPhone 8 screens are fully compatible and interchangeable. What are the differences between the two screens?


Today, we will take this question to explain the screen problem to everyone. We used the latest iPhone SE2020 and the old iPhone 8 for testing.


The disassembly method of iPhone SE2020 is basically the same as that of iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. If you have dismantled iPhone 7 before, now you have to disassemble this SE2. It is very simple. After taking off the screen, the internal screw layout of SE2 and iPhone 8 is very similar, the only difference is the CPU, and the CPU is not easy to identify, SE2 uses the A13 CPU.


In order to distinguish mobile phone models, the red one on the left is SE2, and the gold one on the right is iPhone 8. Next, we will swap the two screens that were removed before, and we will install the 8th generation screen on SE2. , Perfect fit, no problem with touch and display, no 3D Touch function.


If you are careful, you will see the problem on the SE2 motherboard, because the 3D touch interface is canceled. Through some simple practical measurements, the 3D touch lines of the BTB interface on the SE2 are all grounded, so this thing has been removed from the motherboard. Therefore, SE2 has no 3D Touch function. The SE2's tactile touch response is slower than the iPhone XS 3D touch, with a slight delay, but it is not obvious and acceptable.

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