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What is the Samsung TFT incell LCD Touch Display?


In August 2020, Hengweiye Technology developed TFT incell LCD screen for Samsung successfully, enriching Hengweiye’s product line in the field of mobile phone LCD screen manufacturing. Hengweiye Technology focuses on creating a competitive advantage in the smartphone aftermarket screen with the ZY brand, establishing four production lines for mobile phone LCD replacement screen assembly, including iPhone LCD, Samsung LCD, OPPO LCD, and Vivo LCD.


What kinds of Samsung screens can be replaced with in-cell LCD?

The incell LCD manufacturing process is the top technology in the field of LCD screens. It has many advantages such as lighter, thinner, colorful display, long service life, and no eye damage. Although OLED technology is developing rapidly, OLED screen technology is not yet fully mature and expensive. In the mobile phone repair industry, more people like to use incell LCD as a repair replacement screen because it is the most cost-effective. In the field of smartphone screens, it can be divided into LCD and OLED. ZY incell LCD, which is adapted to Samsung screens, can almost replace all Samsung A series, J series, and M series LCD screens. Some Samsung mobile phone models with OLED screens can also use incell LCD to replace the screen, such as A20, A30, A30s, A40s, and other models that can use incell LCD to replace OLED screens.


Which models of Samsung LCD can ZY TFT incell LCD fit?

Hengweiye Technology successfully developed Samsung after-sales LCD screens using advanced DTTI In-cell technology in August 2020. ZY TFT incell LCD can be adapted to Samsung A series A10, A10s, A20, A20s, A30, A30s, A40s. Samsung M series currently has M10 and M20. Samsung J series developed J4, J610, J810. The screens of other Samsung mobile phone models are under active development.


What are the characteristics of Samsung incell LCD screen assembly?

1. Perfectly installed with original mobile phone 1:1 seamlessly;

2.4H tempered glass with waterproof function and anti-fingerprint cover;

3. ESR high color gamut backlight and brightening film, the display effect is bright and the color is saturated;

4. Support blue light eye protection, call screen, multi-touch function;

5. Support the latest version upgrade;

ZY TFT In-cell LCD, which is suitable for Samsung mobile phones, has been put into small batch production, and all functions and parameters have performed well. Hengweiye’s ZY brand has 13 years of experience in the research and development of mid-to-high-end Apple after-sales screens. The recently developed Samsung after-sales LCD repair screen continues advanced TDDI technology plus ESR high color gamut backlight and brightening film. ZY Incell screen has a higher quality than Samsung's after-sales screen market.



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