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How to Find OPPO aftermarket LCD Supplier from China?


In the mobile phone repair industry, purchasing a cost-effective mobile phone LCD screen assembly can quickly expand the market and obtain good returns. Today, I will mainly introduce to you how to find a stable supply source of OPPO LCD screen assembly.


China has a complete LCD screen assembly industry chain. Usually, the screen includes LCD, glass cover, IC, and cable. Customers all over the world buy LCD mobile phone repair screen assemblies from China. Therefore, if you are a buyer, you need to consider importing LCD screen assemblies from China, you can choose between OPPO LCD assemblies with frames and LCD assemblies without frames.

Before you start importing the business, you need to solve some confusing issues.

1. There are many OPPO LCD screens on the market. How to know the best-selling OPPO after-sales LCD screen on the market?

In the OPPO mobile phone aftermarket, In-cell LCD screen assembly has become the best-selling OPPO LCD screen with its advantages of low price, low defect rate, and high-definition display.


2. There are a large number of LCD suppliers on the market. How to choose a suitable OPPO LCD replacement screen factory?

The quality of LCD mobile phone LCD screen manufacturers is mainly considered from the output, defect rate, warranty period, CE certificate, brand market image, etc.


3. All salesmen want to sell their screen assembly to you. How to know which process of the LCD panel is the best quality product?

At present, there are original LCD, FOG LCD, In-cell LCD, and ordinary TFT LCD on the market. The FOG process uses original LCD glass through processing and assembly lines for production. In-cell LCD is the most recent LCD manufacturing process recognized on the market. The screen is lighter, thinner, and displays brilliant colors. Ordinary TFT LCDs are not as good as other types of LCDs in terms of brightness, color gamut, and screen temperature.


4. Importing goods from China to your country is not like buying in the local market. How to deliver safe and low cost?


Only safe and guaranteed after-sales service terms can be reflected by high-quality suppliers, such as damage compensation during transportation, and LCD products with quality inspection problems can be returned.


ZY OEM Quality Incell LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly With Frame for OPPO A7X, A3/F7, A11X/A5 2020/A9 2020, A7/AX5S/AX7, A5/AX5, A11 Available.ZY Support OPPO aftermarket In-cell LCD assembly ODM/OEM. The in-cell LCD with retina materials display effect good without graininess with the ZY LCD brand. ZY in-cell LCD uses Capacitive multi-touch to ensure high sensitivity and smooth screen operation. The OPPO in cell replacement LCD cable structure is close to the original, low heat dissipation performance, strong anti-interference ability.


If you want to purchase OPPO LCD screen assembly from China, Hengweiye Technology is the best choice. With 13 years of industry experience in the field of mobile phone screens, there are iPhone LCD, Samsung LCD, OPPO LCD, Vivo LCD product lines, and a number of mobile phone repair screens with market influence in the In-cell LCD, COF LCD, and Hard OLED fields. Assembly.

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