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Samsung Aftermarket screen comparison: Incell VS TFT


In the Samsung mobile phone repair parts market, Samsung replacement screens mainly include OLED, In-cell LCD and ordinary TFT LCD. OLED display effect is good, but the price is expensive, it is not suitable for Samsung's low-end mobile phone models as a replacement screen. As the top technology in LCD display panels, In-cell LCD has clear and delicate display effects, high user experience, and lower cost than OLED. It is currently the most cost-effective screen in the replacement screen market. TFT LCD occupies the market of Samsung's low-end models with its low price, but it has the disadvantages of hot screen and high power consumption.


1. Comparison of decomposition layers;


In-cell LCD has one less OCA bonding process than ordinary TFT LCD. In-cell LCD has a fast touch response speed and a higher product yield rate.


2. The external TP shows a grid

The display screen is TFT LCD with grid under strong light, and In-cell LCD has no grid lines;


3. Low angle side view

ZY In-cell LCD adopts LTPS screen technology with large viewing angle.


4. Polarization test for rainbow patterns

Ordinary TFT LCD adopts the external G+FF process. Due to the optical properties of the film material, rainbow-like stripes will appear under the sunglasses test.


5. Screen chin

The ZY In-cell LCD screen adopts a full-screen structure with the original 1:1 size. The ordinary TFT LCD screen adopts a small glass splicing process, and the screen chin is wide.


6. Screen thickness

In-cell LCD has less TP layer and OCA layer than ordinary TFT LCD, and the thickness is thinner. In-cell LCD screen is thin and will not squeeze the cables after installation.


7. Power consumption

TDDI In-cell technology has the characteristics of low power consumption and long standby time of mobile phones. Ordinary TFT LCD screen has uneven backlight, high power consumption, and the screen body is easy to get hot, which shortens the life of the phone.



8. Brightness

ZY In-cell LCD adopts ESR high-definition brightening backlight material, with high screen brightness.


9. Weight;

In-cell LCD is lighter than TFT LCD.




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