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Vivo Full Incell vs G+FF Oncell LCD Touch Screen


In the models of Vivo phones, many screens use Full Incell technology. Initially, mobile phone screens usually use a non-full-bonding process, and due to the large gaps between the components of the screen, there is an air layer that causes the screen to have poor light transmission. The specific effect is that the color of the screen is gray, and the screen becomes gray from time to time. The TP-type screen with an external Full Incell screen is lighter, thinner, and more sensitive to touch.


G+FF OnCell is a little more advanced than the non-fully-laminated screen, but the touch layer of the glass substrate in the non-fully-laminated screen is changed to a thin-film substrate (reduced thickness), and then the upper and lower sides of the thin-film substrate are coated with conductive coatings, which can greatly reduce the thickness of the entire screen and improve the fit of the screen, so strictly speaking, OnCell full fit is not true full fit.


InCell LCD features

In-Cell refers to the method of embedding the touch panel function into the liquid crystal pixel, that is, embedding the touch sensor function inside the display screen, which can make the screen thinner. At the same time, the In-Cell screen should also be embedded with the supporting touch IC, otherwise, it is easy to cause false touch sensing signals or excessive noise. Therefore, for any display panel manufacturer, the threshold for entering the In-Cell touch screen technology is indeed quite high, and the problem of low yield rate consistently troubles many manufacturers.


G+FF OnCell features

OnCell refers to the method of embedding the touch screen between the color filter substrate and the polarizer of the display screen. That is, the touch sensor is equipped on the liquid crystal panel, which is much less difficult than InCell technology. Samsung, Hitachi, LG, and other manufacturers have made rapid progress in On-Cell structure touch screens. At present, OnCell is mostly used in Samsung Amoled panel products. Technically, it has not been able to overcome the problems of thinness and uneven color during touch. G+FF bonding effectively solves the problem of screen dusting, but still has the problem of insufficient permeability and high light reflectivity.


development trend

With the current trend of smartphones becoming thinner and thinner, traditional screens will be gradually eliminated, and fully-fitted screens will become the mainstream. Among the three full-bonding technologies currently on the market, In-Cell is relatively better, but it is also the most technically complex. Due to the yield rate, it is only used by some manufacturers in flagship models. The representative among them is Samsung's AMOLED screen, which uses On-Cell technology AMOLED and Super AMOLED screens. In the case of the screen, it always looks not completely black. Therefore, On-Cell can only be the most transitional solution, and it will not become mainstream in the future. Samsung will use its advantages in Super AMOLED technology to smoothly transition from On-Cell to In-Cell.


The ZY Vivo after-sales maintenance screen adopts the Full Incell full-fit technology that is the same as the original screen. At present, only a few mobile phone screen manufacturers in China have mastered the production process for the Vivo mobile phone Incell screen assembly. ZY Incell screen assembly started to develop and produce Incell screen assembly for iPhone as early as 2017. By 2020, the ZY Incell screen assembly product line will be extended to iPhone In-cell LCD, Samsung Incell LCD, OPPO Incell LCD, and Vivo Incell LCD.



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