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What is the difference between LTPS incell and a-Si TFT-LCD?


Mobile phone screen assemblies can be classified according to the type of TFT technology and the arrangement of LCD liquid crystals. LCD and AMOLED are similar in that they both contain TFT glass, and each type of TFT has its advantages and disadvantages.


TFT technology classification:

1 High-temperature polysilicon HTPS;

2 Low-temperature polysilicon LTPS;

3 Amorphous silicon (a-Si);



When we discuss the LCD screen, we must look at both its TFT type and its liquid crystal arrangement.


Classification of liquid crystal arrangement:





The pros and cons of several TFT types:


HTPS can only be made up to 1 inch in size, and cannot be used as a mobile phone display, so don't talk about it.


LTPS can only be made in smaller sizes. Once it is made large, the yield rate is extremely low and the performance is very strong.


a-Si, the lowest performance, but can be used for screens of any size.


IGZO, whose performance is one grade lower than LTPS and one grade higher than amorphous silicon a-Si, is suitable for filling the market gap of LTPS in large size, such as tablet computers and computer monitors.


When TFT technology is applied to mobile phone screens, LTPS>IGZO>a-Si. Under the premise of using the same TFT type, IPS>TN, because the VA liquid crystal mode will produce pressing water ripples, it is not suitable for touch screen mobile phones.


The theoretical quality ranking of the mobile phone LCD screen assembly is:

First gear:


Second gear:


Third gear:



As the TFT type, mobile phone screen of IGZO is only Sharp, IGZO does not participate in the ranking. The Samsung AMOLED series does not belong to the scope of LCD liquid crystal display, nor does it participate in the ranking.

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