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iphone battery with the original TI IC Comparision


Dear customers and friends, there are unscrupulous merchants in the market that use second-hand TI chip batteries to pretend to be brand new original TI chip batteries for shipment. Hereby compare and analyze the difference between second-hand TI chip battery and original TI chip battery for everyone. We focus on product technology and after-sales service, and continue to provide customers with market-competitive products!


1. Brand new original TI chip battery  vs used TI chip battery

The second-hand TI chip is removed through a second-hand protection board. The surface of the chip is easily damaged and usually covered with a layer of glue. The damaged TI chip has hidden dangers such as premature shutdown and insufficient discharge.

2. Appearance comparison

The brand-new original TI chip battery has a neat appearance, the components are glued, and the contact position with the battery is rounded;

The second-hand TI chip battery has a rough appearance, and the surface of the components has no protective measures. The contact surface with the battery cell is sharp and easy to damage the battery cell;The new TI chip battery adopts a small-size design scheme with strong filtering ability and reduces unstable factors such as signal interference.

3. Support iOS14 system upgrade

After upgrading the iOS14 system, non-TI-IC batteries of iPhone xs/XR and above cannot be charged. The original TI IC battery supports iOS14 system upgrade.

4. Comparison of manufacturing process

The dispensing process is an indispensable process for the APPLE battery protection board effect:

1)Anti-scratch, due to the small package capacitor resistance, its thrust is very small, and it is easy to be knocked off during production and transportation.

2.)Shockproof, in the process of production and transportation, there will be various problems with the battery that has been tested in the customer's hands, and there will be no such problems after the glue is applied.

3 )Anti-static, electronic products especially in autumn and winter, the most fear is static electricity, it can be avoided after dispensing

4 )Anti-short circuit. During assembly or transportation after assembly, exposed solder joints of electronic components, especially in a humid and cold environment, are prone to weak short circuits, causing swelling of the battery or even leakage

5.)Anti-oxidation, due to the presence of flux in smt welding, it is easy to oxidize the solder feet of the components in contact with the air. The glue we use can be very close to the PCB to prevent this phenomenon


6. ITM protection IC

The brand-new TI chip battery uses Samsung ITM protection IC with excellent performance. The protective IC welding process of the second-hand TI chip battery is rough, and the heating problem is serious.

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