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1.Samsung A20 TFT In-cell LCD and ordinary TFT LCD which is better?

The screen size, thickness, and heat dissipation of ZY A20 TFT In-cell LCD are better than ordinary TFT LCDs.

2. Does Samsung A20 have original screens for sale?

The Samsung A20 original screen has a higher price and is less in demand in the mobile phone repair industry, most of which use Incell LCD.

3. Does ZY A20 In cell LCD support auto-brightness and eye protection mode functions?

ZY In-cell LCD supports automatic brightness adjustment and anti-blue light, which can protect the eyes and reduce power consumption.

4. What is the development history of the Samsung A20 after-sales screen?

In the beginning, the original OLED to TFT LCD now uses In-cell LCD more.


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