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Does iPhone SE2020 support Ture Tone and 3D Touch function after screen replace?


ZY 4.7-inch LCD screen assembly for iPhone 8G in-cell LCD, Vivid LCD, Premium LCD, Standard LCD can be completely interchanged with iPhone SE 2020 LCD screen. Does iPhone SE 2020 have the Ture Tone and 3D Touch function after changing to the screen suitable for iPhone 8G? Let me explain in detail below.



About Ture Tone

The iPhone 8G and iPhone SE 2020 screens support the Ture Tone function. The iPhone SE 2020 can be implemented by replacing the iPhone 8G screen assembly with the Ture Tone data. If you directly replace the iPhone 8 screen assembly, the iPhone SE 2020 does not have the Ture Tone function. We can use the Ture Tone writer of the iPhone 8 to enter a simple code on the phone, and then the Ture Tone can be perfectly restored. Display function. It is worth noting that when installing the iPhone 8 screen to the iPhone SE 2020 mobile phone if the front camera of the iPhone 8 screen assembly fails, the Ture Tone can’t be achieved.


About 3D Touch

Although the iPhone 8G screen supports the 3D Touch function, it will no longer support 3D Touch after it is installed on the iPhone SE 2020 phone. What is the reason? The 3D touchlines on the iPhone SE 2020's mobile phone motherboard are all disconnected, and the 3D Touch function has been canceled when the iPhone SE 2020 was designed. This is also the main reason why the original iPhone SE 2020 screen is cheaper than the iPhone 8G screen. Without the 3D Touch function, the iPhone SE 2020 is still very good on the screen touch experience. The iPhone SE 2020 screen adopts Haptic Touch to replace the 3D Touch function. Since the iPhone XR adopts Haptic Touch, it is very popular among users. Both the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2020 screens adopt the Haptic Touch function.


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