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best quality aftermarket iPhone 11 pro incell Touch panel and digitizer vs Original


Among the brands of iPhone 11 pro in-cell repair screens, ZY iPhone 11 Pro incell screen assembly is one of the best quality brands. The ZY X11 pro in-cell screen size, structure, and screen display resolution are the same as the original ones. The original iPhone 11 Pro uses Super AMOLED technology, and ZY In-cell uses LTPS LCD technology. ZY In-cell has higher power consumption than the original screen. At the same time, AMOLED screens are also better in terms of display image response speed, color, and viewing angle. Although the original AMOLED screen has many advantages, there are 2 shortcomings that are very prominent, that is, screen burn and strobe.


Advantages of the original screen

The iPhone 11 pro original screen has obvious advantages, such as low power consumption and bright colors. Especially in terms of screen expandability, only AMOLED screens can perfectly realize curved screens and folding screens. Therefore, the proportion of mobile phones using AMOLED screens is increasing.


Disadvantages of the original screen

Screen burn-in is a phenomenon in which an afterimage is left when a still image is displayed on the phone screen for a long time. This is caused by the AMOLED screen material. The only way to avoid burn-in is to not keep a screen for a long time during use.


Stroboscopic is when the AMOLED screen is at low brightness. Because of the display mode of the AMOLED screen, a bright line will quickly move from the bottom of the screen to the top, looping endlessly, like a wave. Of course, we can’t see it with the naked eye, but when you take a photo with another phone, you can clearly show it. For strobe, major mobile phone manufacturers have corresponding dimming modes for correction.


Advantages of ZY Incell screen

Compared with the original screen, the ZY Incell after-sales maintenance screen has the biggest advantage in price. LTPS Incell LCD screen has good display effect, fast touch response speed, and manufacturing cost is lower than OLED. Incell LCD is less harmful to the eyes than the original AMOLED screen. The characteristics of AMOLED splash screen are more harmful to the eyes than in-cell LCD. If you watch the phone for a long time in a dark environment, the Incell LCD experience is better.


ZY Incell screen disadvantages

Incell LCD has higher power consumption than AMOLED, and the vividness of colors is not as good as the original one. Users cannot distinguish the difference in screen color display during use. When testing the color gamut with spiders, the color gamut of OLED is higher than that of in-cell LCD.


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