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Why does the iPhone TFT Incell screen assembly sometimes have ghost touches?


Some mobile phone spare parts wholesalers reported that a small number of users may experience random touch after installing the iPhone TFT Incell after-sales screen. What is the reason for the ghost touch of the mobile phone Incell LCD?


1. Static electricity problems:

Mobile phone static electricity can easily touch the "capacitive screen", causing the screen to simulate being touched, and indirectly causing the phone screen to jump and malfunction.

2. High temperature problem of mobile phone:

Generally, mobile phones are not resistant to high temperatures. If they are exposed to high temperatures for a long time, the screen of the mobile phone will definitely fail slightly and jump randomly. Such as playing mobile phones in the sun, or even playing games, sometimes this happens.

3. The problem of unstable voltage:

When charging, the screen of the mobile phone will be out of control and flutter everywhere. Another situation is that when the battery of the mobile phone is low, the voltage of the mobile phone is unstable and the screen will be out of control intermittently.

4. The problem of knocking and breaking the mobile phone:

If the mobile phone is dropped, it may cause many malfunctions. For example, the mobile phone will automatically touch the screen randomly.


Why does ZY LCD rarely have such a situation? ZY iPhone Incell LCD uses LTPS LCD as the raw material. It has the characteristics of low power consumption to avoid screen ghost touch caused by high screen power consumption. In addition, ZY In-cell LCD adopts a stable performance design, stable voltage and current, and no signal interference on FPC components. The screen touch is sensitive, without interruption and interference.

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