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Introducing Hard OLED Display For Samsung Galaxy

  1. Newly upgraded Samsung Galaxy rigid OLED series, OEM quality, 1:1 original screen structure and display effect;

  2. The display effect is consistent with the original, high light transmittance and low reflectivity;

  3. Touch sensitive, fast response speed, no pop-up window (display flicking) and screen random touch (ghost touch) issues;

  4. Newly upgraded cable design scheme, no decoding IC, structural design close to the original, perfect installation;

  5. OLED power consumption is lower than TFT LCD, and the standby time is more than doubled;

  6. Advanced IDC function, the screen only needs an integrated drive controller IC (IDC), which can perform display, touch and 3D Touch functions at the same time;

  7.  Ingenuity craftsmanship, using the same polishing and edging craftsmanship as the original, perfect installation, smooth hand feel without scratching.


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