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How To Identify iPhone Repair Parts AAA+ Quality?


In the aftermarket of Apple mobile phones, the quality of repair parts varies, and some businesses sell other grades of parts under the banner of original parts. How to distinguish the quality of Apple mobile phone repair accessories has become a topic of concern in the industry. Among them, the quality of original disassembled parts is the best, and the quality of raw materials OEM is the most cost-effective. The following will introduce to you how the quality levels of repair gadgets in the Apple after-sales market are divided, so that you can choose the Apple mobile phone repair gadgets that suit you.

Original Tear-Down

The disassembled parts are the parts that are taken out from the brand new iPhone. They are 100% original and authentic, and the price is cheaper than the retail parts of the counter. They should be the most cost-effective authentic parts. Why can disassemble parts be so cheap? Because the price of disassembled accessories is determined by cost and market supply and demand, and the official website accessories are determined by Apple. Where did the original disassembled parts come from? Most of the disassembled parts come from second-hand Apple mobile phones. There is a complete industrial chain in the Huaqiangbei market. The recycled second-hand Apple mobile phones are removed from original parts and sold separately. The original parts of the disassembled machine rarely have quality problems, and the market acceptance is high.

Original defective product

The brand-new original accessories are almost irrelevant to the refurbished phone. If these original Apple mobile phone spare parts are very cheap, the refurbished phone market will be informed that users can directly assemble a new Apple phone. It is claimed that most of the brand new original Apple mobile phone accessories come from the Apple mobile phone assembly factory. This part of the original accessories is actually defective products of the assembly factory. After simple repairs, these defective products flow into the after-sales market as brand new products.

OEM quality

OEM quality uses raw materials to manufacture, the product quality is close to the original, and the price is much cheaper than the original. OEM quality Apple mobile phone repair parts are widely used in mobile phone repair shops, and its high price has been recognized by users and mobile phone repair shops.

Assembly accessories

The only difference between assembly parts and OEM quality is whether they are designed and manufactured using raw materials. The quality of assembly parts is close to OEM quality, but the yield rate is lower than OEM quality. The advantage of assembly accessories is the low price, and many Apple refurbished phones use assembly accessories.


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